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House Strangewayes: The Wiki


We are a service household in the SCA, based out of the East Kingdom with deep ties to the Barony of Stonemarche and largely living in the Shire of Quintavia.


Our household structure is loosely based on the organization of the Hanseatic League.


Our Household Charter


Other Household sites: 



We also have a Google Calendar


E-mail HouseStrangewayes@gmail.com


Household Bios: The ever-expanding Household

Songbook: We tend to singing. We're not good, but we're enthusiastic.

House Recipes;

  • Cookbooks: a listing of books we have.
  • Recipes: food we could eat.
  • Feast Menus: of feasts that we've attended.



  • Past: Where and when we've been, where the legends start
  • Upcoming: Where and who expects to be at a given event.


  • Stuff we have and where.

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